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Mercedes Benz Common Electronic Problems

Merc cluster

Instrument Cluster

Across many model years, all instrument clusters with 2 small displays left and right will have chance to fail. The design with carbon deposit ribbon cable has a lifespan which has already been outlived. The large display at the centre has better design, however would also fail if the car is constantly used in hot weather. This is obvious in C-Class W203 and Vito W639.

Please note that Mercedes has a "Display Error" showing in instrument cluster in fact has nothing to do with instrument cluste.

ML Comand


We offer repair of common faults for all generation of Mercedes Comand, from disc reading to reviving a completely dead unit. It important to note that due to highly proprietary nature of the device, not all faults are repairable. However we manage to achieve around 70% success rate.

Audio 20

headunit and sound system

We fix Audio 10, 20 and 50 headunits, all kind of CD changers and selected models of Bose and Harman Kardon amplifiers. When it comes to Mercedes sound system, repair is the best option. New original equipment costs a fortune, and  an aftermarket system that offer the same functionality and quality will cost roughly the same.

Mercedes ESL

electronic steering lock (esl)

It's a delicate security feature, however when it doesn't work the car is practically grounded. The key may not be able to turn, and the steering lock may not release. And even if you somehow overcome these issue by brute force, the car won't start. We have multiple solutions to rescue, then repair the device.

Other Common problems that we fix

Merc Key
  • Key remote: doens't open/lock doors, or doesn't start car
  • central locking fault
  • Seat memory, steering column adjustment
  • window regulator, sunroof
  • airbag & seat occupancy spordaic errors