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Care for your Drive, your Pride!

Quality Work and Long-Term

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All work come with warranty

your cars are prestige, they requires advanced knowledge to fix . we do have that, and we have a passion to get things working again.  we guarantee our work. we hardly have any rework, however when it happens you get it fixed again without any extra cost



Qualified Team of Experts

We know what we are doing

Prestige car makers employ most advanced technologies in multiple fields. We are electronic and computer science engineers with more than 15 years in the field, worked for global companies, now share a common passion in this business of bringing our experience and knowledge to make stuffs in your cars work. We are trusted not only by drivers but also car dealers and workshops, for solving problems quickly and effectively.

Electronic Electronic Expertise

You may think this is something like VCR/TV repair in the old days. Much more. We design and construct new circuits in lieu of proprietary components.

Computer Programming Computing/Software Expertise

you may see any mechanic uses computer diagnostic these days. We don't just do mouse clicking, we do serious programming.

Installation Installations and Removals

this may sound simple, just that:

  • Don't scratch your car
  • Make it look exactly like factory
  • Do it quick so you can wait


Our Mission

Just fix it!

we know how stuffs work, so we don't try and err. we find the root cause and address it with proper methodologies. where original technology is outdated, we replace and complement with the latest.


automotive computing

Car and Computer

a bunch of computer geeks who love cars, mixed with a bunch of car freaks who love computers and gadgets. here are some geeky things that we do: